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What  is the NH Home Builders Association?

With a combined membership of nearly five hundred companies, employing over 30,000 New Hampshire citizens, every aspect of the building industry is represented in the Association.

The New Hampshire Home Builders Association (NHHBA) was founded in 1952 and represents residential building, remodeling, and development interests in New Hampshire. The association advocates for all housing related issues so that Granite State citizens can enjoy high quality, energy efficient, and affordable home ownership.

Do I Need to Be a NHHBA Member to Attend? Do Non-Members Need to Pay?

No, and no! These classes are open to NHHBA members, but also to any builder or contractor, any business trying to learn about the material or any member of the public who wants to attend.

Classes are also 100% free for everyone. Thanks to our great partners at NHSaves, we are able to provide these classes as a free service for all in attendance.

Do I Need to Register to Attend?

Yes! If you plan on coming to one of our classes, you must sign up ahead of time. Every class comes with either breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and we need to know a headcount in order to properly order food for everyone in attendance. Please also let us know if you sign up for a class, but then find out you will NOT be able to attend.

Will I receive a Certificate from These Classes? Will I Earn CEU Credits?

You can receive your OSHA 10 certification or lead paint remediation license for signing up for the appropriate class. The other classes will not give any certification or credits for continuing education.

Have Other Questions?

If you have any other questions or concerns about the program, feel free to reach out and contact us at:

(603) 228-0351

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